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Premium Craft Produced, Tropical Flavoured Spirits

Serengeti Spirits was founded on a passion for the Serengeti plains, tropics of Zanzibar Island and the mainland of Tanzania, combined with the UK, the 'home of gin', and its history of premium produced spirits. Built on a foundation of both British and Tanzanian roots, we have created a brand that envelopes the two cultures and brings them together as one. 

For us, this entails capturing the unique spirit of Africa and the mesmerising plains of the Serengeti through combining a blend of tropical fruits, hand-picked from the idyllic paradise of Zanzibar Island, with other globally sourced botanicals. We carefully infuse this into our UK produced products, which is the home to some of the finest spirits in the world. A perfect combination and truly uniting the heritage and culture of East Africa & the UK. We intend to produce an extensive range of exciting tropical fruit infused products inspired by  the big animals of the Serengeti and across all well-known spirit categories.

As we want to spoil you, we also have a range of mouth-watering flavoured gins and rums under our Hakuna Matata and Kilimanjaro brands.

If you want to experience the magic and tropics of the Serengeti at home with your very own eyes and on the tip of your tongue, we have got you covered. Please take a look at our original Serengeti paintings and pictures, accompanied with traditional Zanzibar hand-carved African mninga wooden frames that are crafted  in Tanzania and can be delivered directly to your doorstep!

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We hope you are interested by the start-up and history of our business. You can find out more about us on the ‘About’ tab or by watching our company introduction video below