Paintings & Pictures


The Serengeti paintings & pictures team have very strong links within Tanzania, to provide our picturesque range of original paintings and pictures based on the mesmerizing Serengeti national park and African culture. We work with exciting up and coming artists local to Arusha, near the Serengeti & Mount Kilimanjaro who, all possess a wide range of skill sets and expertise.
All of our paintings are hand crafted, responsibly sourced and painted specifically for our business.
Please see our current gallery in our online shop for our paintings, pictures & prints. However please do contact us if you would like to arrange a quote for a custom designed painting, as our artists would love to be able to design and paint something…. especially for you!

Monkey eating a banana painting.
Serengeti animals painting (lion, tiger, elephant, rhino and wildebeest).
Warthog painting.

Our team consists of a group of very talented young painters in the city of Arusha, near the Serengeti & Mount Kilimanjaro. The painters all have a common goal of their passion of capturing the Serengeti landscapes and the animals found in this region. We have spent considerable time building an exciting partnership, in collaboration to design and produce a range of large sized one-off exclusive designs. These exceptional original paintings are custom sized at 100x75cm and some are produced with neon and fluorescent paints, so they can even glow in the dark. They will also be available via high quality bamboo prints and canvas options. We have just finalised a partnership with a supplier and workshop in stone town, producing fine hand-made original Zanzibar style carving wooden frames, using African dhow wood, coconut tree and mninga hardwood, which will add an extra 'wow' factor to these exceptional pieces of art.

Our original paintings are held between our offices in the UK & Tanzania, so please allow up to 21 days to receive your order. For canvas & prints, please allow 5 working days.