Fancy something a little lighter than the full powerful and punchy ‘Giraffe Gin’ bottle? 


Our ‘Baby Giraffe Gin’ is an excellent alternative for those looking to embrace the Serengeti spirit in smaller increments. Inspired directly from its parent, the ‘Giraffe Gin’, this spirit is made of a premium Burlington London dry, containing 10 globally sourced botanicals, infused with hand-picked luscious mango and passion fruits, extracted from the idyllic Zanzibar island. It is then enhanced with further flavourings to deliver this exceptional final product in a sunset yellow colour, resonant of the appearance of the Masai giraffe.


A quirky, unique and perfect gift for particular lovers of the Serengeti, gin or just general alcohol lovers!

Kilimanjaro Wild Strawberry and Hibiscus Minis