What's the dream?

You in our Serengeti themed cocktail bar, feeling like you are in the middle of a stampede as you are looking around and witnessing an extensive selection of animal themed bottles. There are more tropical fruit flavours than you even knew existed, and now your head is in a spin. You’re thinking about calming yourself down with one of our tonics or non-alcoholic spirits, before realising that you are having the time of your life with your family and friends, and there is nowhere else in the world you would rather be (well, maybe dangling over the edge of a hot air balloon sipping our drinks hovering over the Serengeti itself, perhaps!)

You call your friends overseas to tell them about your tropical discovery, but they already know about it, as our products are available in all the cool bars and clubs there too. As our brand continues to grow, you can’t think about anything else, other than enjoying our products each weekend after a long hard week of work.


You take a weekend break to New York and visit Times Square and look up at the billboards and there ‘we are’! It suddenly becomes apparent that we are the best craft spirit brand in the world….Dreaming too much? Maybe a little. But ambition is in our nature! Let’s get you over to the shop so you can see what you want to try.

Ohh before you go, we would just like to draw your attention to the Wright foundation and we are proud to donate 5% of our profits to such a good cause. Please read more about the work they do here