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Updated: Jul 13

Serengeti Spirits, born from the creative ideas of Alex, an Englishman, and his wife Halima, a Tanzanian national, who sought to mix the UK's years of distilling heritage with the stunning culture, animals and landscapes of Tanzania.

Serengeti Spirits products are all very bright, colourful and packed full of flavour. All of our products go through months of product development in our manufacturing facility, until they are ready to be shared with our customers. They contain a delicious range of perfectly paired tropical fruits, differing colours, that look great in mixers and cocktails and then encapsulated in our very striking bottles, labels and custom hand painted animal head caps.


The award-winning Giraffe Gin kicks off the list. This first product is a mango and passionfruit-flavored gin that received two bronze medals at the World Gin Awards 2022. Giraffe Gin was recently ranked third in the best flavour gins and bottle design categories. Giraffe Gin starts with a high-quality London dry gin base that is then blended with mango and passion fruit extracts sourced from hand-picked mangoes and passion fruits on the idyllic. Giraffe Gin has fresh tropical fruit accents that leap out of the glass on the nose. A wonderfully fruity punch is created by combining mango and passionfruit with earthy coriander and savoury juniper. Luscious tropical fruits excite the palette with flavours of the base of the10 botanical spices. The sweet mango and passionfruit flavours are followed by a tangy punch. The mid-palate of Giraffe Gin exhibits a modest spice flavour and a reasonable amount of pine-forward juniper. In the background, earthy coriander aromas emerge.

The winning bottle has a hand-painted giraffe top figure stopper. The Giraffe was chosen as the first offering because of its significance in Tanzania. Prior to attaining independence from the British empire, Tanzania was known as Tanganyika. Their banner was a hybrid between the British flag and the head of a giraffe. Following independence and the establishment of 'Tanzania,' they updated their flag but kept the Masai giraffe, the world's tallest species of giraffe, as their national symbol.

Giraffe Gin is also made in small batches to ensure that each bottle is flawlessly prepared and maintains its award-winning perfection.


They expanded their product line to include Rum when they introduced the Rhino Rum to the market. The upcoming products of Serengeti Spirits will place a significant emphasis on Africa's Biggest and most renown safari animals. Rhino Rum is made from a high-quality Caribbean white rum that is sourced from Guyana. This rum is then blended with blackberries and blueberries that are sourced from the fertile lands of Iringa in Tanzania. Cinnamon undertones are brought out by the natural tones of Tanzanian blackberries and blueberries, which are accompanied by a delicious berry bite. The majority of rums are not likely to have a colour as captivating as this one, which is bluish-purple which has a different shade depending on the environment and lighting where you see the bottle. This rum, despite its name and the rugged reputation of the fierce black African Rhino, it has a reasonably smooth mouthfeel with a floral and sweet flavour profile, while it does retain a kick, due to its higher strength, compared to most rums. This bottle will grab everyone's attention at the bar or restaurant, due to its Rhino shaped bottle and hand-painted rhino head, that is mounted to a real wooden cork.


The next set of products on the roster is the Hakuna Matata Gin line, which is a collection of invigorating flavour gins that are inspired by the phrase "hakuna matata," which exemplifies the idea of a carefree way of life. The seed of the idea was the wish to help people forget their troubles as they sipped and tasted the freshly squeezed, zesty fruits that were accentuated by sweet notes and highlights of its spices, producing the ideal blend of sweet and sour flavours.

Because drinking a Hakuna Matata is so invigorating, you won't be able to resist the urge to kick back, unwind, and take it all in without any anxiety, much like the monkey in the Hakuna Matata logo does. Both Hakuna Matata and Giraffe Gin combine fruit flavours to create a beverage that has a juicier, airier, and more agreeable aroma, as well as highlights that are sweet, delicate, and refreshing on the palate.

A smooth London Dry Flavoured Gin with lingering spice is the result of Hakuna Matata's painstaking production in small quantities using tropical flavours of sour balanced with a stinging sweetness.


Serengeti's current product line is completed by the flavoured rum named after Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania's dormant volcano with three volcanic cones. Kilimanjaro Rum, much like the mountain, has enchanted people of all ages and can be enjoyed and appreciated by a wide variety of people.

Starting with our wild strawberry & Hibiscus, which gives you the feel that you get from the foot of the mountain. Lot’s of wildlife, rainforests and the climate that allows the growth of such fruits and flowers. It’s exciting and vibrant, that matches how you feel before embracing the climb. A pleasant surprise of tanginess and sweetness is produced in the mouth as a result of the combination of white rum with natural fruit and flower flavouring. Kilimanjaro Rum is delicately sweet on the nose, both floral and fruity.

Once you reach the top, it’s time to kick back and relax, so our toasted coconut and banana dark rum, goes perfectly in our Kilimanjaro mountain top cocktail or a variety of refreshing ‘chill out’ cocktails. Take a sip and sit back, picturing yourself at the pinnacle of greatness.

What’s next for Serengeti Spirits?

Serengeti Spirits now produces a wide range of flavoured spirits that are sure to satisfy your palate, but it won't stop there. As briefly indicated above, Serengeti Spirits plans to deliver a product that covers each spirit type and is based on all of the big animals of the Serengeti. We certainly have a lot more products to introduce to you over the next few years. We are also working on the creation of a stand alone Vodka brand, in the same vein as the Hakuna Matata and Kilimanjaro Gin and Rum brands. With the immense population of the Serengeti National Park, the company hopes to create more products that will transport anyone to the experience of frolicking into the sunset of Tanzania's breathtaking scenery. This is only the beginning; there is so much more to come, so strap in and get ready for the ride.

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